Angepinnt Deskproto Windows 10 Update - Revision 6246

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    • Deskproto Windows 10 Update - Revision 6246

      Hallo Jungs,

      für Deskproto gibt es ein Update wo für Windows 10 speziell ist.
      Wer also unter Windows 10 diese Meldung "Your installation seems to be corrupt" bekommt der sollte unbedingt Updaten.

      Deskproto schrieb:

      Build date 2016-11-29 (Revision 6246) includes:
      • Major issue: Win10 updates caused error "Your installation seems to be corrupt".
        Since many years DeskProto has used the Windows ProductID to identify a machine. Unfortunately Windows 10 major automatic updates will change this ID, resulting in DeskProto reporting to be corrupt. This new build uses the ProcessorID instead.
        In order to fix this you need to again install the Trial version: running the Updater Setup is insufficient. See FAQ 4.8.
      • Selecting Sort, Meander ánd 'Skip hor ambient' could cause a gouging path in case of layers.
      • Estimate machining time did not apply machine setting "A-values may exceed 360".
      • Feedrates with decimal values could be rounded (decimal values removed).
      • Illegal facets (three equal points) in STL files now will be ignored when importing.
      • A fine grid of small triangles, exacly aligned with the toolpaths, could produce a bumpy surface.
      • DeskProto and its Installer now are signed using SHA-256 instead of SHA-1, see FAQ 4.10.
      • New driver, for the new Roland MDX-50.
      • Updated drivers for Shopbot machines and for Datron machines.

      LG Alex
      cnc-aus-holz im Facebook // Mein Youtube Kanal

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